All orthotics are made with the highest quality materials available, which may include carbon fiber, graphite, memory foam, leather, and moldable plastics. They are used in combination to produce a machine that has just the right amount of flexibility and support to promote the proper degree of biomechanical control. 

The process begins with an orthotic evaluation- we listen to your medical complaints, examine the shape of your foot, ankle and lower leg, and then watch how you perform tasks such as walking and, when necessary, running, cutting, pivoting and the like. Many providers simply cast or scan your foot, and that is the end of the process. At CNMR, we measure all your joint angles, watch how you move, and react to your goals. If desired, the client can even bring a pair of shoes or insoles to the clinic so we can even more accurately shape the insert. We then discuss the results of your evaluation with our pedorthists, and make any final adjustments. 

CNMR is also pleased to announce that we are now able to fabricate custom orthotics! These advanced shoe inserts improve the natural function of the foot and ankle by providing support and control where it is most needed- through the heel, arch, and forefoot. 

Many different foot and ankle problems can be managed with the correct use of orthotics. Each pair is a customized device that is not only made for you, but it is made relative to your condition. For example, with plantar fasciitis, we provide support and control of your rearfoot and arch to make walking and running significantly less painful. This then assists in faster reduction of your symptoms. For Achilles tendonitis, we unload the tendon by evaluating and understanding the precise geometric measurements to reduce stress through the region. We can accommodate Morton's Neuroma, bunions, and support those who have had surgical revision of the calf, foot and ankle.

Once received, we monitor how you respond to the orthotic, and make any corrections to the device that may be necessary. Even if your foot changes shape over time, we can simply recast and there is no charge to you. 

Foot orthotics are an excellent way to improve your performance, reduce pain, and correct the biomechanics of the foot and ankle. Call 202-257-1363 for your evaluation.


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